Is your company Nature Positive?
The balance between the pressure that its activities exert on biodiversity and the positive performance of conservation actions can generate credits

LIFE Certification

Applied internationally, the LIFE Business and Biodiversity Certification is a recognition that adds value to companies that voluntarily assume their responsibility for biodiversity conservation. It is awarded by LIFE Accredited Certifying Entities, such as Neocert, following an audit and compliance with the requirements of the LIFE Business and Biodiversity Methodology.

LIFE Business & Biodiversity Methodology

Applied through the LIFE Key software, the Methodology offers biodiversity performance metrics that translate the balance between the pressure exerted by the company’s activities and the conservation actions implemented, showing the way for the company to become Nature Positive.

In addition to the possibility of Certification, the Methodology allows companies to assess and monitor their dependencies, risks and opportunities related to biodiversity in their operations, supply chains and value.

Advantages of LIFE Certification

Incorporating biodiversity into company management with the LIFE Methodology:

  • Increases the effectiveness of investments in environmental programs
  • Improves ranking in search of financing, green funds and ESG qualification
  • Enables comparability between business units and sectors
  • Increases corporate resilience
  • Promotes transparent communication and positive media
  • Reduces risks related to biodiversity loss
  • Offers reputational security
  • Enables the generation of Biodiversity Credits

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