Animal welfare
With the ever-increasing demand for products and services that take sustainability into account as the basis of their production, farms and animal product companies need to get prepared to meet this demand.

Animal Welfare Certification

Demonstrate the use of good practices in animal breeding and slaughter through independent audits by Neocert in Integral Certificações’ certification programs. Integral’s Animal Welfare Certification Program was created with the aim of ensuring that the animal products that bear this seal on their packaging come from farms, ranches and breeders that value animal welfare.

The program is based on the rules of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as on research developed by Brazilian and international universities and institutions, adapted to the reality in Brazil.

Requirements for certification


Psychologically healthy environment for employees


Animals do not suffer any kind of mistreatment and/or suffering


The animals are fed specially formulated nutrition for each stage of their lives and are kept in comfortable and safe environments

A robust disease prevention program in place, developed and monitored by a veterinarian, aimed at the rational use of medicines

Demonstrate the use of good practices in animal breeding and slaughter! Contact our experts and find out how to ensure and publicize your commitment to animal welfare.