Our team and guest experts bring trends and other current topics on sustainability to the table. This is our way of drawing society's attention to the paths that lead to a sustainable future. 



Series of webinars and e-books to reflect on trends and sustainable practices in business and products. 

Discover our Neobooks

In 2021, Neocert launches WebNeo, a series of free webinars where Neocert and special guests reflect on sustainable trends and practices in business and products (this NeoBook is part of this series). 

April 2021 

Neobook: Social performance of forestry businesses and the NR31 

More than presenting the changes in the regulation of health and safety in rural work, the work indicates ways for forestry companies to obtain better results in this and other areas of their business. 

May 2021 

Neobook: ESG indicators and forest certifications 

In a specific analysis of the ESG dimensions, the work draws a deep connection with the principles and requirements of the certification standards, and how this expanded approach helps to present guarantees and reduce the risk of investments. 

June 2021 

Neobook: Compliance management and the sale of certified products 

In a scenario of increasing demand for guarantees of sustainable processes, this e-book provides tips on how to put Compliance into practice and how to communicate more effectively about the socio-environmental attributes of a product. 

July 2021 

Neobook: Packaging of the future: New technologies applied to packaging 

The work presents trends that will determine the future of packaging, within a broad spectrum that goes from the use of certified renewable raw materials to recycling, passing through practicality in transport and usability, without ceasing to be attractive. 



Podcast channel that articulates multistakeholders to generate content about the future of sustainability.

Listen on your favorite platform: 



Authorial written content on sustainability in the forestry sector and agribusiness. 

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