Due Diligence Neocert

The security of buying legally sourced wood 

Brazil, as the country with the largest primary tropical forest in the world, has great potential for wood supply. However, failures in Brazilian forest monitoring and control services, added to weaknesses in traceability and due diligence systems, allow part of this wood of illegal origin to be placed on the international market.

Due Diligence systems offered by the seller may not be the best tool to mitigate this risk, since they generally do not involve field analysis (only documentary), or have low technical rigor due to some conflict of interest. 


Neocert independently confirms the origin of the wood, analyzes and mitigates the risks of illegality and mixing along the entire supply chain, helping you to obtain only legal wood, with guaranteed origin.

The more robust and reliable the supply chain information is, the stronger a Due Diligence system is. In on-site audits of Brazilian suppliers, professionals with more than 10 years' experience in forest certification verify irregularities in a technical and impartial manner.

An extra layer of security can be added by using scientific analysis, which is highly recommended for high-value species from countries with high deforestation rates. ThroughDNA tests, it is possible to confirm the species and origin of the wood with safety, precision and transparency.


Neocert's Due Diligence service starts with the verification of all documentation related to the wood purchased to identify weaknesses along the supply chain. In this step, information describing the wood or wood products, country of extraction, species, quantity, supplier data and information on compliance with national legislation are verified.

Based on this, an analysis of the risks is carried out and measures are established to reduce them. It is at this point that supplier audits, carried out in loco by experienced professionals with knowledge of the local market, and DNA analysis represent a great differential.

Similar to a paternity test, with the DNA profile (DNA profiling) it is possible to identify the equality or distinction between two individuals with precision and safety, being able to relate each wood in transport, with the stump of the original tree in the forest. 




Neocert performs a technical, independent and unbiased assessment that brings more credibility to its Due Diligence system. Associated with the DNA tracking solution for wood, an extra layer of protection is created, bringing even more security to the importer.

By guaranteeing the sustainable origin of its imported wood, the buyer exempts itself from being related to the impacts of the illegal wood trade

Deforestation of tropical forests  

Vulnerability of native peoples and traditional communities

Climate change         


Loss of biodiversity

Land Conflicts      

Corruption and organized crime

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